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The House of Cowart


The House of Cowart exists to manifest the culture of the Kingdom of God on earth as it is in Heaven. The household will do this by upholding the cultural norms and standards of the Kingdom in every domain it exercises authority over.


The Cowart Family understand authority to be best defined by the following equation:

Authority = Rights + Responsibilities

This understanding informs every relationship and every action, both internal and external to the household. This understanding is critical to the mission. To manifest the Kingdom of God on earth is to honor the sovereign culture and structures of governance modeled in the Kingdom of Heaven. Within this model there are clearly delineated principalities and ruling powers each with rights and responsibilities.

Like all equations this one must remain balanced. That said, no one within the Cowart family should enjoy rights without the corresponding responsibilities. Like wise, where there are responsibilities over a given domain there must exist the right to rule that domain. Further, everyone in authority must understand that he exercises his rights to fulfill his responsibilities for the generations. He shall not rule his domain for his own selfish ambitions or to the exploitation of the generations.

Cowarts acknowledge that trespassing is the unauthorized entry of another’s domain, and remember that Jesus encourages us to forgive trespassers.


Culture is the synthesis of attitudes, goals, ideals and values. The culture of the Kingdom is best understood by considering Jesus and His teachings, not Christian culture, or church culture. That said, the members of the Cowart family will continually seeking to understand Jesus’s actions and teachings as they “seek first the Kingdom of God.” It is beyond the scope of this document to layout or define the culture of the Kingdom; nevertheless, the following values would undoubtedly be listed as cultural norms, and as such are held up by the Cowart household as ideals.



Meeting someone else’s need, especially when it requires postponing or denying the demands of your own soul.


Conduct which rightfully attracts esteem, high respect, or special consideration; dignity; courage; fidelity; especially, excellence of character; high moral worth; virtue; nobleness; specif., in men, integrity; uprightness; trustworthness; in women, purity; chastity.


Respect for and submission to authority. Respect for the law. Respect for the freedom and property of others. Respect for genius.


The quality or state of being appropriate or fitting; conformity to the prevailing standard of behaviour, speech, etc.

The Goal:

To manisfest the Kingdom of God “on earth as it is in Heaven.” To bring heaven rather than brining hell.


The Standards of the Cowart Household are best understood by reviewing the Generative King Archetype word study by Mitch Cowart.

Gentleman: The True Gentleman
Generous: Of nobel birth
Generation: To bring forth, to produce
Genuine: Actually having the reputed or apparent qualities or character and having proceeded from the alleged source or author.
Genesis: Origin, Creation, Generation
Genius (Ingenuity:) Incarnation of generative power
Genial: Celebrating and exalting the covenant of marriage
Genus: Family, Tribe, Clan


The Cowart family recognizes 7 domains that all revolve around leadership. The leadership of the Cowart family must exercise authority over these domains for themselves and each dependent, gradually releasing/delegating control until the delegate can rule independently or in autonomy while upholding the standards and ideals of the King:


We must exercise the right and the responsibility to provide for the growth and protection of our minds. Within the GKA this means observing Genesis, and Genius, as well as Gendarme and General in relation to our minds. For example, the King of Genesis established a culture of growth (garden.) In keeping with this the Cowart house will uphold, nurture and maintain a growth mindset. This house will be known for learning and teaching. This cultural norm will be fostered through language that promotes effort and values struggle. Along with growth and development, we understand that we must guard and protect our minds, taking every thought captive; judging thoughts to be either generative or degenerative.


This house will exercise our right and responsibility to develop, train and manage willpower as a resource to be stewarded. Our will is subject to our autonomous rule (free will) within the parameters of the Kingdom culture. Those with authority will exercise their right and responsibility to train, coach, guide, and model willpower, self-control, and self-discipline gradually releasing their delegates to be autonomous in these areas.


Cowarts will exercise their rights and responsibilities to foster emotional intelligence within them selves and in the generations. Members of the Cowart house acknowledge that the generations have real/valid emotional needs, some of which are: the need for relatedness, the need to be understood, the need for trust, the need for respect and love. Further, Cowarts consider the desires of the heart and purpose to provide for those desires for individuals within their domain. Cowarts will respect the borders of a sovereign emotional domain and avoid trespassing into the emotional territory of others. At the same time, the Gendarme and the General are to serve as protectors of the hearts of the generations.


Acknowledging that our bodies were generated as a complex and sophisticated system. The House of Cowart stewards their bodies by learning about health, and utilizing willpower to incorporate best practices (traditional and non-traditional) with regard to nutrition, exercise, rest, disease prevention, sex, reproduction and childbirth. We value proactive stewardship, but when a response to infection or injury is needed we will first incorporate those remedies that are consistent with and give honor to all of the complex systems generated by the King of Genesis.


The Cowart household understands that the material world is holy. The stuff made by the King of Genesis is good, and in keeping with the Genesis culture Cowarts make stuff. The stuff that is made (or acquired) by Cowarts will be the cultural texts of the Kingdom, conveying cultural norms like genius and ingenuity. These cultural texts should be modest in scale, give honor to the maker and user, and the making or acquisition of these cultural texts should be motivated by love. Cowarts understand that the purpose of life is not the generation (or acquisition) of stuff, but that the purpose of stuff is to facilitate the generation of life. Cowarts believe that stuff is useful for meeting a variety of needs…needs of the body, and soul. Stuff should not be held in such high regard as to be fought over or used to portray our identity or worth. Cowarts will be grateful for the stuff they have, and as an expression of that gratefulness will use stuff appropriately. Further, Cowarts will respect other’s stuff and practice responsible stewardship by maintaining and caring for their own stuff.


The House of Cowart honors people as being made by God and in His image, and as such recognize that all people are designed for holiness. Cowarts understand that people have been given dominion and with that endeavor to respect the autonomous rule of each person outside of their domain. At the same time, Cowarts understand that the greatest in the Kingdom is a servant and with that people are to be served according to their needs. This service will take a variety of forms, the greatest of which will be the forgiveness of sins. More specifically, in an effort to participate in the culture of the Generative King, Cowarts will actively forgive people of their sins. The act of forgiveness is meant to facilitate peace, reconciliation and life. Further, as agents of the Generative King, Cowarts will actively participate in “raising people from the dead.” More specifically, our household will be known for restoring life to those who are without it, by generating opportunities, generating economy, generating environments (both material and soulful) that foster life.


The Cowart household understands time to be the physical dimension within the realm of eternity. Time is for learning, training, growing and generating. Time is not for finishing, arriving or getting results. Time is not to be wasted, but stewarded as a valuable resource (i.e. spending time wisely.) Cowarts believe that people have been given dominion over time and with that understand that the only way to know the future is to create it .


All of the above domains will be ruled according to the standards above by implementing the following leadership strategies: “Fanatical Discipline,” “Empirical Creativity,” and “Productive Paranoia.” This is exemplifies the leadership style of the Generative King and his rule maintains a genuine focus on others.


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