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Living with Intention: An Introduction

The Cowarts

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(First published March 2008)

We, Mitch and Amy, have been without a television for nearly 20 years. When we first got rid of it, we really didn’t know what to do with ourselves. I was getting my Master’s degree and Mitch was commuting to work, so we were busy enough to not notice the “loss” too much. We would sit in the evenings and talk about life, but nothing too deep. Eventually we became a bit bored and started reading. Mitch began reading books on technology and its effects and I read books on natural living. We began conversing about these topics and comparing the ideas found in both. Others began to join our conversations and we would have dinners and then talk late into the evening. Often people would come to dine or hang out and they would not know how to join in. They were used to being entertained, but not used to interaction and discussion. Some of them stuck with us. We kept talking.

Mitch, rather rebellious against all things accepted as the norm, constantly asked questions. Why does everyone do this or that?? Why do we have babies in hospitals? Is anyone sick or broken? Why not have them at home? In December 1991, I finished my degree and by March of ’92 our first baby was born. We had a midwife and began at home. We transferred to the hospital when the midwife felt that we needed to because of the baby’s position, but I birthed him naturally in the hospital. Mitch’s questions continued. Why feed babies formula? Why do they have their own room and bed? Why do we need “well baby” check-ups? Why do we shoot perfectly healthy babies with disease (vaccinate)? Why should we send them away to be taught by strangers? When the questions were asked, I began to research. I would study to find the pros and cons, present them to Mitch, and then we would make a decision based on what we believed was best. More questions followed: Why do we use birth control? Doesn’t God open and close the womb? Consequently we continued to have babies.

The questions were not only about babies, but about the church/religion and education and medicine. We challenged all of the world’s system and studied and decided how we wanted to live. We eventually had a buzz phrase that we used to describe this mode of operation. We called it “living with intention.” We didn’t want life to just happen to us–we wanted to know why we were doing what we were doing. We wanted to choose how we would live our lives and not just do what everyone else did just because they did it. We now have 8 children that were born in our home (with the exception of the 1st.) I nursed them all, including the twins, for 2-3 years each. We incorporated the “family bed.” Our children (5 boys and 3 girls) have never been to the doctor for anything but an emergency visit for a broken bone or stitches. None have been vaccinated. I have been home-schooling since ’94 grades K-10 so far. We have been meeting in homes with other believers for the past 20 years.

We still don’t have a television. Our discussion and reading continue. Now we spend our evenings engaging in discussions with our children (ages 3-16.) We often have people over to converse with us as well. It has been great!

We decided to start this blog as a continuation of this mode of thinking. Some of the posts are letters or e-conversations that we have had about various topics, some are articles that we have written in response to questions that have been asked, some are studies in progress, and others are just the things that we are seeing and want a way to get them out of our heads. We set up the site, not to avoid personal conversations, but to lay groundwork for further conversations. If we can share these things in a more general way, then perhaps we can converse personally in a deeper way. Our passion is to seek and challenge, but our greatest desire is to encourage and build up one another. It is our hope that this blog leads to that end.

Thanks for joining us.



  1. Yay, thanks so much for including us in your blog discussions…
    we’re so glad to find your blog! Can’t wait to read everything.

  2. Great way to share your experience Amy and Mitch ! The layout is really nice and easy to read….and the intro gets your attention. Happy Easter ….. a great day to introduce this new venture. Where do I subscribe…?!

  3. Great stuff! So glad you included us. It is always so hard to find time to get together with good friends, and often this type of discussion doesn’t come in a 3 hour BBQ atmosphere.

    Mitch & Amy, I have always been impressed by your strength and ability to ‘buck the system’. And your willingness to put your ideas out there for everyone to discuss is wonderful. Look forward to reading more, contributing and hopefully hanging out in person with you and some new friends soon!

    Love you.
    Jim, Di, Christian, Tanner & Emma

  4. I love you guys! i miss you guys, you are people who i consider true friends, i just wish i still had you all close, you all make such a beautiful family. I am glad i found this site, i need to update you all soon, if you “facebook” i can be found under my whole name. will write more soon! obedience brings joy, and disobedience brings sadness, every single time, Dueteronomy chapter 28. Love you Cowarts! -Samuel Seth

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