Posted by: mamaamy | April 12, 2009

Greeting: Authority and Respect

Hey Amy!  Thanks again for talking with me the other day.  I’ve been thinking and praying a lot about what you had to say and seeking God on the direction for our family with standards, etc.  I know for sure that obedience, respect and love fit for us although respect seems a little abstract for me to try to teach so I’m working on defining it more concretely in my own mind.  I’m also thinking through the idea of thankfulness/contentment and maybe wisdom being other standards but am still praying about those- any thoughts there?  So here are the other questions I’ve had as I’ve been thinking all this through:

Hello KC,

I am so proud of you and your efforts to do the labor in the Kingdom of training your children. You have asked really good questions and they prove your thoughtful consideration of the experience that I shared with you. The standards that you have named are excellent and I know that as you and your family uphold these, you will reap the harvest that they cultivate in the home. As Mitch and I have been studying/seeking first the Kingdom, we have been asking the Lord what the highest ideal in the Kingdom is. We feel that right now He has shown us that submission to and respect for authority is the highest ideal. Because it is a Kingdom, we must honor the authority of the King foremost because that is what holds the Kingdom together. We then must respect the hierarchy of authority that He has given us for our good.

Included in this ideal is the term respect. To develop understanding of this word, let me share with you a revelation that Mitch and I had a few months back. We were talking about how God respects the domain that He has given to man. As we discussed it, we remembered the verses that have been ingrained in most kid’s heads but have little been understood: The Lord’s prayer:

“Our Father, who art in heaven, hallowed be thy name. Thy Kingdom come, thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven. Give us this day our daily bread and forgive us our trespasses as we forgive those who trespass against us.” We started to think about this from the Kingdom perspective and we asked, “What is a trespass?” It is entering someone else’s property without their consent. It is disrespecting their domain. If you think about it, God has entrusted us with domain in his Kingdom. The first domain that He gives us is ourselves and then He eventually entrusts us with more. We must “rule well” with the domain that He gives us if we are to get more. “He who is faithful with little will be given much.”

With our children, we encourage them to rule well over themselves from a very young age and then we begin to give them other bits of “domain” as toys or stewardships. We then encourage them to rule well over those things. “Respect” is recognizing the “domain” and understanding who has the “domain” and not trespassing into that domain. It is disrespectful to trespass into another’s domain without their consent. In fact, it is something that the Lord demonstrated the need for forgiveness for. (We feel that this is a concept that many Christians do not understand—many trespass into domain’s not given them in the name of ministry.)

I hope this clarifies the term respect a bit. . I really encourage you to read the article on the blog Training God’s Heirs about Rules vs. Standards. It may illuminate this topic a little more.

Mama Amy

(More Questions to come)


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