Posted by: Keli | March 31, 2008

Grateful for the Mess

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The first weekend of spring break my husband, Wayne, and I started our big spring break project. We emptied our bedroom and my home office, and only put back what we actually use. It was a lot of work but it felt great. We also got some new furniture as well. You know how it is when you need to reorganize and make better use of the space in your home.


This past weekend (the second weekend of spring break) my husband and our youngest son (Evan, 18) went for a mountain bike trip to Moab, Utah, with another father and son. While they were gone, I worked very hard at finishing up on the big project Wayne and I started the previous weekend—decorating, taking stuff to Goodwill, and getting it just right. It was fun to walk around in my house for a couple of days and enjoy the new look after I was all finished. Then the men came home.


I still laugh while I am trying to type this. Dirt, dust, grimy clothes, bike parts and tubes, half-eaten Power Bars, and the like. They came home, brought all their stuff in, and we all talked for quite a while about the awesome time they had riding, camping, and conversing. They came back tired from their adventure but refreshed in the heart and soul, and ready to go back to school. They put their stuff away, got the washing machine going, and started to get ready to go back to regular life and school.


This morning after everyone was gone to school, I looked around. There were a few dirty dishes to be dealt with, some crumbs on the countertop, one pile of laundry left to do, and dead silence in my home. I thought about how I could be upset with Wayne and Evan for disturbing the perfect environment I had tried to create, or I could be grateful for the mess and enjoy our life and the relationships that are in it. Right now two of my four children live at home. Jason (25) is married and living in Texas. Tori (23) is also married and lives 30 miles from our home. Maren, 20, is a sophomore at UNM and will be an exchange student in England next year. I will miss her terribly. Evan is a senior in high school and is currently considering his many options, but he will probably be gone in the fall as well. I will miss our evening dinners, laughter and conversations when they head out to live on their own. So while I still have them here, I will be grateful for the mess, knowing that what I think would be the perfect environment, without anyone disturbing it, would make for a very lonely existence.







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