Posted by: Keli | March 25, 2008

Hearts Made Intimate with God through Worship in the Home

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Worship in the home can be such an amazing thing. It is always the most intimate time with the Lord when you worship Him in your home, a place where you are comfortable and uninhibited. There is no place I would rather worship Him than in my own livingroom. I have worshiped for many years in my home with my children. We began when they were small, like my mother and grandmother did with me. When I was small my mother would sit at her piano and play hymns that her mother loved and had taught her. We would sing and dance around. I do not actually remember seeing my mother “worship,” with her eyes closed, but I know she loved the Lord and she loved to sing and play for Him.

My children are grown now and making their own music, worshiping the Lord and leading their own children, but I wanted to share with you some of the things we did in our home with when they were small, which planted the seed of worship in their hearts. To see the fruit of it now is a blessing.

When I was pregnant with my first child I sang to him all the time. Once he was born the sound of my singing would calm his crying, even if I could not quite get to picking him up or nursing him (like when you are driving home from the grocery store). So the sound of music was something he knew from inception. Ladies, sing in your home whether you think you sound good or not. Singing is the sign of a merry and content heart. The sound of your voice will comfort and reassure your children because it is your voice, the one voice they have known since conception.

When our youngest of four children was five years old, we turned off our television. It was the BEST decision we have ever made for the benefit of our family. We did not get rid of the television, like many of our friends. My husband was a sixth grade science teacher at the time and used creation videos and other media in his classroom. He used it as a tool, so we kept it, allowing it only to be used on the weekends for movies/entertainment that we carefully screened. On the weeknights after dinner we would play games and music, or just sit around and talk about life, faith, and why we were even here. My husband purchased a book on guitar playing and taught himself to play the guitar. He would play the guitar and we would sing while I was standing at the stove making dinner every chance we got. This intrigued our children. Our oldest son, Jason, began asking questions about the guitar and music. I have played the guitar since I was 13 years old so I gave him some basic chord instruction and he took it from there. He is now 25 years old and one of the best guitarists I have ever seen. He served in Iraq and ordered a guitar over the internet. He wrote lots of songs while he was there and played worship for his fellow soldiers with the chaplain. Jason even called me from Iraq one time because he had been in a serious firefight and told me that in the middle of all the bullets flying by he could hear my voice singing a worship song he learned in our home…Though I walk through valleys low, I will fear no evil, by the waters, still my soul, my heart will trust in You.” … and then he was not afraid. The second time they sent him to Iraq they made special provision so he could take a guitar with him because of how much it improved morale. Now he is home from Iraq with his family. He sings and plays at night when he comes home from work while his wife make dinner and his little 18-month-old son sits with him and joins in. This is amazing to watch.

When our daughter Maren was six years old, I was working in my kitchen and listening to a worship CD. I stopped and closed my eyes, raising my hands to the Lord and singing. When the song was finished I opened my eyes and there was my little red-headed daughter looking up at me, smiling. I asked her if she knew what I was doing. She said, “You are worshiping God. I like it.” Another time I was sitting playing the piano and the children were dancing. Maren (still 6 years of age) turned to me and said, “Mommy, God is here with us. He is sitting right there!” and she pointed next to me on the piano bench.

When my children were teenagers I lead worship in a small church in our area. My children joined in and helped me, playing guitar and singing, and truly worshiping God. It was awesome. I really think they could do this because in our home, the whole time they were growing up we all sang together and I worshiped the Lord and was not afraid to let them see me experience the Lord in worship, truth, sorrow, or joy. I knew it was more important to let my children know me and my love for the Lord, and to fellowship with them, even with all my faults. I tried to be transparent before them. I could fill the pages of a book with what the Lord has wrought through the simplicity of singing in the home and worshiping Him without reserve, even when little eyes are watching.

You don’t play an instrument? That is all right. Your voice is an instrument to be used of the Lord. Give it freely and see what He will do. Your heart and attitude toward this or any other endeavor will determine the outcome. I once heard it said that, “As the light shines, so casts the shadows.” I take this to mean that as my attitude shines in my household that is what I will see in my children (even when they are not aware that I am watching).

So, turn off the television, sing to your children, when they are old enough sing with your children, and be the example of what a true worshipper really is: An adorer of God.


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