Posted by: mamaamy | March 13, 2008

We Must Choose Contentment

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Hey ladies,

I’m just checking in to see how you all are doing! I really think it is important for us to communicate with one another when we get time. I am convinced that the Lord has given us to one another for help and encouragement, but we must be diligent to share with one another our burdens so that we can pray for one another. We can also share insights and whatever the Lord seems to be doing in us so that we can learn what each other is learning and maybe not have to go through similar lessons.

My latest query with the Lord is about being satisfied and content. It seems that even when life is really good it still doesn’t seem to be enough. I have asked God why this is. What I am learning is that it is natural for us to want. It is the soul part of us that wants. (like the God part of the trinity)* Satan has exploited that part of us by tempting us with the lust of the eyes, the lust of the flesh, and the pride of life. But just because it can be exploited doesn’t mean that it is bad. I believe it really is ok to want, if in our heart we seek first the Kingdom and not worry about the stuff of the world. Yes, things are appealing, and yes it is fun to have nice things—God wants us to act like heirs–not slaves, and heirs typically have tastes for nice things and don’t consider it a sin. And because they are confident in who they are they don’t really care about the stuff. “The kingdom comes with stuff.”

Here’s the main thing that I have seen, though: It is a discipline to be grateful, satisfied and content. It is a choice. It is also a confidence. For if we understand truly who we are in Christ, ie. heirs of the Kingdom, then it is easier to be grateful, satisfied and content knowing that in due time we will come into our inheritance. The inheritance won’t necessarily be material things…it may be the higher, true wealth of the Kingdom, but whatever it is, it is ours by inheritance and we can walk with confidence in our position as an heir. We do not have to act like slaves–striving, laboring, hoarding everything that comes our way. We are free to use things and enjoy them when they come our way–and choose to be grateful for what we have at any given time. We can hold on to the things given to us, but hold them with our hands open–hold on to them loosely as if they are ours for a season and not something we must grasp tightly so that they won’t go away. Does this make sense? What do you think?

Mama Amy

*(We were made in the image and likeness of God: He is triune: God the father, God the Spirit, God the Son. We are triune also, Soul, Spirit, Body.)


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