Posted by: Keli | March 13, 2008

Reality In the Kingdom

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We are a part of a story (The Sacred Romance) that is much larger than we are. I have been spending so much energy and emotion dwelling on my role and all the difficulties that accompany that part, I have totally lost focus on the greater play that is unfolding. My part may be very insignificant (like the role of Guy in the movie Galaxy Quest) but that doesn’t naturally follow that the part is not essential to the overall drama.

The truth is this. Our life is incredible. We have so much to be thankful for. Our home is secure and beautiful. Our children are numerous, healthy and beautiful. We have an abundance of everything of true value and much of all that we want.

My husband loves me with his whole heart and I adore and respect him. We have vehicles to drive and a business that is the means of supplying what we have.

We need to see that the business is the Lord’s, our life is the Lord’s, the world is the Lord’s, our children are the Lord’s, etc. It’s about Him and what He is doing. It may be difficult…for a long time. If that is what He chooses to do, then like Job, we must receive the good and the bad from the Lord. Why? Because He is trustworthy. He knows what He is doing. He is who He is and He’s doing what He’s doing. What more can we say?

What are we to do then? Just let Him move us around as chess pieces or as characters in a video game that get shot at, wounded or blown up at His whim? By all means no. This is not a fiction, created by an author that wants to entertain his angelic audience. This is the reality of the kingdom. All of our characters are an essential part to this cosmic movement that spans time and the Eternal. It doesn’t limit itself to our flesh and our blood but our Eternal spirits that exits in a realm beyond what we see. It is our moral obligation in this scene and during time, to follow the will of the Creator, Writer, Director, and Producer of the entire, complex plot. Can we improvise? Yes, but at our peril. It may not alter the outcome of the overall story (His Will), but it will damage our character, our respectability, our integrity, and even our eligibility. When He shows us to do something, we must obey. When He speaks to us personally, receive it as an honor and then heed the words. That is our action. That is our responsibility.

It is essential that we see that even if we do everything right and are obedient in all things, we may not be the hero in the story. It doesn’t mean that we will live a safe, happy, prosperous life. The struggle may go on until we perish at the hands of evil men unjustly. Is this familiar? Our Mentor endured all of this. Can we expect to be treated with more preferential treatment? God Almighty required His own Son to perish unjustly. Why do we keep hoping for some other way–A life safe, prosperous, and happy without pain or inconvenience?

Again, what must we do? Trust, obey, look beyond the temporary scene that we are presently playing in and look at the overall plot. What is the theme? The Lord God is glorified. Our action is to support the theme until our character expires. What do we do? We live with gratefulness in every situation. We receive the will of God as it comes and we choose to live in that will as though we believe that His intention is to further the theme.

Our life may be busy, crazy, chaotic, the business may fail, we may loose family members, etc. These “bad things” do not happen to us necessarily because we have done something wrong or have displeased God. That is the nature of religious thinking. “If you obey then you gain favor and a good life, if something is bad then you must be failing somewhere.” That is what Job’s “friends” told him. Do not listen to these religious friends. It may be happening to you because there is a conversation going on about you in unseen places. God is allowing it to reveal Himself, not only in you, not only in the friends around you, but perhaps even in generations to come as with Job. His purpose is to hold to the theme. You may be sacrificed for this theme. Your happiness may be suspended for the sake of the theme. That is reality.
What is the outcome for you if you can embrace your call—whatever it is? Righteousness, Peace and Joy now, and eternity, though details unknown, is sure to be incredible because you will be in the continuous fellowship with the Author and King.

Let us spur one another on to dedicate ourselves to the theme of this cosmic story. Let us not get caught up in our small part, yet let us be aware that though it may be seem insignificant, it is essential and the One who created us has authored our role and wants us to fulfill what He has destined us to do and be.


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