Posted by: mamaamy | March 13, 2008

On Teeth

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Tracy had issues with rotting teeth in her children:
Amy wrote:

Here is what my friend says about the teeth problem: “I is 5 now and his teeth were eroding pretty much after the front teeth came through and he started solid foods a little after that while still breast feeding. I have been told by the pediatric dentists that it is ‘THE’ bacteria they are born with- we all have our own bacteria, and when mixed with something, such as diet, then it causes an acid to feed this bacteria that causes the teeth to have this effect. I did the same thing with J that I did with I, and J did not have this problem. Yes, I let them have 1/4 juice to 3/4 water after they were one year. J’s (age one) teeth seem to be doing this as well, the only difference is that his are eroded on the back of the front teeth, whereas I’s eroded on the front side of the teeth, eventually breaking and getting snaggled. J does not know what to do with a juice bottle, he has never sipped juice, and his teeth are doing this. He has had fruit,,,so maybe it is the culprit? All that can be done to help it is brush the teeth, and make them drink water after any eating to help wash whatever away. We have researched, and this seems to be a common problem with children–more than we thought!”

I really think that if it is a bacteria with no real cure, that I would give my child a lot of coconut water, I would brush their teeth a couple of times a day, I would run the tooth brush through the dishwasher every time I ran it, I would have them rinse with water after meals—maybe even with a drip or two of tea tree oil in the water, and I would try to keep toys out of the mouth (and sterilizing the toys through the dishwasher if they are put in the mouth.) I really think that if they are really bad and the child is at least 4 years old I would consider having the teeth removed so that the immune system is not so taxed by the fighting of the bacteria.

There’s witch doctor Amy’s two cents.

Thank you Amy for the info. We have cut out absolutely everything with sugar, which wasn’t much left, but even 100% fruit juices and bananas. The dentist gave us some paste a while back that wasn’t working with us allowing him to eat some sugar, so now we will see what this does. It’s a better diet for all of us anyway, so we are doing it together.

You gave me a lot of encouragement and helped to rid my self-bashing regarding his teeth. Thank you! I am reminded just what a blessing my boys are and can focus more on that. A’s missing a tooth too, he knocked it out at 17 months, so that is helpful to remember as well.

Thanx again! I’ll look into the coconut too.
T 🙂


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