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E-Conversation on Church as Religion

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This is in response to T discussing her prompting to move on out of the traditional church.

Sounds great! The book sounds interesting as well.

Mitch and I are really learning what it is like to fellowship by the Spirit. Sometimes I too feel a stress to meet with others and I am trying to really weigh whether it is me putting something on myself or the Spirit leading. I am realizing that it is much more natural and easy to meet when the Lord leads but I think growing up in the “church” has given me this feeling that if I’m not doing “church” often, then I’m not ministering enough, or I’m not a good Christian.

I believe the enemy has done a number on the church: because the church has transitioned into a business of entertaining Christians and it is necessary to have all kinds of programs to do this, it coerces its members into “service” to fill the jobs related to programs…then if you are not apart of a “service” or a “ministry” you are made to feel guilty. I grew up with this and I still get nervous when I don’t seem to be doing enough. It’s crazy!

Jesus did only what He saw His Father do. It is simple–not easy but simple. It’s not easy because we are actually then required to take the time to see the Father: ask what He is doing and how we can be apart of it then listen for His directions and obey. It is awesome when this happens and the Lord just works it all out.

As and example: yesterday, I was ready for school early (which never happens) so I started listening to the Lord leading me to write emails. Then I thought about Meghan (the lady you met at the park with me) and I really felt I should call her (as she doesn’t have email). I did, and the Lord met with us. It was awesome…she asked so many questions and the Lord just spoke.

She gets very little fellowship normally, but that was a great opportunity to truly fellowship and encourage. This was a natural flow of God‚ no program, formal ministry, or worked up religion. Anyway, I just want to encourage you in this new way of walking with the Lord. It is valuable and will truly benefit your whole family.

Thanks for discussing this with me. This is fun.

Thank YOU for “discussing” this with ME. 🙂
I just felt it was neat that you emailed about my weekend, when you would be the perfect person to bounce this off of.

I’ll be honest with you. For about the past year, I have wanted you and Mitch to have a regular fellowship at your home on Sundays. I was praying God would arrange it and I would go. I had a groaning in my Spirit to not “do” church anymore, but still had the baggage of needing to go somewhere on Sunday. I am still coming out of that, but all this new information is letting me see God’s permission, if you will, to not necessarily “go to church.” As I have told you before, I am raising Asher to say we are going to the building, but I just don’t see “the building” as helping much.

I guess I have been feeling like me and the kids going was starting to tear at our family. We have stopped going Wed nights to maintain our family routine of a peaceful bedtime and that has been wonderful. Especially this semester, R has a Mon and Thurs night class, so I would just be taking the kids away from him one more night. I can see the best way for them to come to a relationship with God is to have a relationship with their loving earthly father, no matter what he believes. Sundays we tend to be late, because I am really working on my anger, well, God is working on me, and when I am rushed, I don’t do well.

Like I said, I am still nervous, and I know that God has not given us a spirit of timidity, so I know this is not from Him. I am trying to pray and listen more so that in His peace He can lead me. I DO want to listen.

I know what you mean about the programs. I’ve always heard about the men “serving” when all it is passing a plate or saying a prayer. Now with home schooling just around the corner from us, Bible “school” seems so foreign. We’re not even sending them to “real” school, why send them to Bible school.

We are responsible for teaching them. I even had input into what they will be doing next in our Bible classes (just because I am friends with one of the coordinators and I happened to be talking about how to connect with kids), but even in her words, it’s going
to be sort of like a “club” for the kids. It’s like everything has to be hyped up for the kids and that’s just pitiful. Then I go to another congregation’s website and everything has a name. Girls for God,
Mighty Men, I made those up, but the real names are even more sugary and sick. I just want to be real and be with others who are real, and maybe for the first time in my life live in the Spirit and let His Spirit touch my life and the lives of others for the better and maybe for change.

I don’t just want to complain. I am glad for my heritage and I am so thankful for the way my parent’s taught me to think for myself and look to God.

I know this one was long, but thanx for reading! 🙂
T 🙂

Hello again,

I just wanted to agree that I too am grateful for how I was brought up…even though it was church it still gave me a foundation for receiving what the Lord is doing now. I believe He is revealing Himself in this age in a clearer way…we are not the only ones seeing that there is more than doing church to being Christ-like. I have friends literally around the country desiring the same thing.
I believe we are the transition generation. I can really see that my children are not religious at all–not even the Christian religion–and I really believe that they will be the ones to challenge and encourage the true church in a more emphatic way. It is awesome to see them grow up in such a baggage-free environment. They will be strange, but I think that is what will bring challenge. Our generation is the one that is asking for more and the ones waiting for more and praying for more but I really think that our children will have the “more” that we desire and will be able to receive it because they are not bogged down by religion. It will be more natural for them to walk in the Spirit because they will have been trained in it from young age. I just say that to encourage you that we may not be the ones to “build the temple” (like David who had too much blood on his hands–we have too much junk in us still, but our children (like Solomon) will be the ones to fulfill the work because they will be more pure in a sense. Does that make sense? We have a purpose: desire, watch, pray, practice what we know is becoming the “more”…


Thank you so much. My Spirit jumped within me when I read your words. I can see our children, like Solomon, receiving the kingdom in its truest form and that’s exciting to me. I want to be a part of what God is doing even if it is for my children. I guess, especially if it’s for my children.

Praise God!

T 🙂


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