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Cowart Remedies

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I have been asked to write down some of the remedies we use to help our children when they are sick so I thought I would send them on to all of you. If you can make use of them, great. If you aren’t interested, delete 🙂

Let me start with a few important concepts:

God made our bodies to heal themselves.

We as mothers have a sense about what will be best for our children.

It is ultimately our responsibility as parents to care for our children. Turning this responsibility over to the hands of “professionals” has its own risks. Be wise and accept the responsibility whether you take them to the doctor or care for them at home.

What is natural usually can enhance and help heal. Try to stay away from what is man-made if possible. Much of what is sold by pharmaceutical companies cannot be trusted to heal the body. It may speed the elimination of symptoms, but will rarely heal.

Time is one of the best healers. Here is a good phrase, “without treatment a common cold usually lasts about seven days, with treatment it lasts about a week.” Much of what is needed is time and sleep. Our bodies will do the rest.

Homebirth, nursing, attachment parenting, the family bed, and no TV, have all contributed immensely to the health of our children. You may not be called to each of these, but I am absolutely convinced that they are all essential parts of why our children are healthy, well-adjusted, happy, confident people.

Ok, with these concepts in mind, I will share how we enhance the healing process.

One of the first remedies that I give for any ailment is water. Since our bodies are made up of mostly water, if we are not hydrated enough, it can cause all kinds of malfunctions of the bodily organs and tissues.

For headaches, I always first require that the child drinks about a quart of water. This almost always gets rid of the headache. If the headache is really bad and the child can’t function, and water hasn’t gotten rid of it, I might give pain reliever. Here’s the issue, though, I don’t want to eliminate a symptom without knowing the root cause. If I give Tylenol and it relieves the symptom and my child is dehydrated, needs rest, is purging toxins or whatever, the pain reliever will not solve the problem. It may mask an issue that needs addressing. So I always first try to get to the root. Remedies are meant to assist the body’s recovery, not just eliminate present pain. It is a wimpy mom and a fast food mentality that will forfeit helping the child truly recover because she just wants the child to feel better now.

For muscle pains, I do the same (give a quart of water). If I feel like I have a muscle ache or my back is giving out, I will drink a huge glass of water several times that day and it will usually repair the muscle strain. If a child has over done it in a sport or injured a muscle (or bonked his head or chin while trying to learn to walk) I usually give Arnica (sometimes seen as Arnica Montana) in homeopathic form. You can find this at a Whole Foods or health food store. It motivates the body to repair muscle tissue. I find this to be the most effective muscle healer other than water.

Here are the things we do when we are starting to catch a cold:

Take Echinacea or Echinacea/Goldenseal combination. We usually have tinctures on hand so that we can give it to little ones that can’t swallow pills. I use a dropper full (40 drops) in just a bit of water for Phoebe (age 4) ad up. If they are really little, then I just squirt in the back of their mouth. If I am nursing a baby, then I will take the full adult dose and let them get it through the milk.

We also give vitamin C in chewable form. We give 1000mg for trying to ward off the cold or get rid of it. We don’t give that high of a dose for more than a few days in a row.

Also, we drink coconut oil “tea”. I take a 1/2 cup of very hot water (the hottest that comes from the tap) and add a tablespoon of extra virgin, raw coconut oil (in an opaque jar) preferably organic. I then squeeze 1/2 a lime and add enough honey or stevia to make it tolerable to drink. It is oily and stirring well before drinking helps. We take this 1-2 times a day right away and continuing through the sickness.

Eating as many raw foods as possible will speed recovery of any ailment.
Our living tissues need living tissues to repair and rebuild. Raw food will help heal the body and help make one feel better too. Raw smoothies are especially good. I try to add young baby coconut water and the meat of the coconut if possible because it is anti viral, anti fungal, anti bacterial, etc. Raw garlic in pesto or other food is also a very good healer.

Because dairy products are mucus forming, we eliminate dairy products during the healing process. (Plain yogurt may be the one exception to this rule—it depends on the ailment. For colds, no dairy)

Teaching a child to blow their nose is very critical. It is the draining of the mucus into the ears that causes ear infection. The more they blow it out, rather than sucking it in, will prevent ear infections. If ears begin to hurt, we warm a spoon over the stove, then add a bit of coconut oil and let it melt in the spoon. We then test it for proper temp. and then drip several drops in the ear. I have never taken a child to the doctor for ear infection. It is usually a viral infection that cannot be thwarted by antibiotics (and antibiotics are almost always what are prescribed by doctors for this ailment.)

When a child complains of stomach hurts then I first give them some papaya enzymes (found in chewable tablet form at a health food store). These aid digestion and usually fix the problem. They also taste good and kids don’t mind taking them. If it seems that it is really a stomach virus and not just a bad meal, then I give them 10 drops of Angostura Bitters (found in liquor stores) in a 1⁄2 cup of water. It is non alcoholic and derived from the gentian root. It is used as an addition to drinks that settle the stomach after rich meals. It may cause the stomach to purge the bad, so if it seems to make things worse at first, it’s ok because it will get it all out and settle the stomach quickly after. If a child has food poisoning or something that is causing the child to vomit continually, I give a charcoal tablet or pill (found in the vitamin section).

This causes the bad stuff to be absorbed by the charcoal and eliminated.

For fever, I try to boost the body with above remedies for colds and headaches, but I rarely give a remedy to cause the fever to go down. God has made our bodies to fight disease with temperature. Pathogenic bacteria usually cannot survive in temperatures above 100 so our bodies go to that temperature to kill the disease. It is good to have a fever. I will repeat: Fevers are our friends when we are sick. Only if the fever exceeds 105 which is caused by some outside source, like poisoning or sun stroke, our bodies will not go so high as to cause brain damage or any other thing. Our bodies will not kill themselves. Our bodies are made to heal.

I will mention here that none of my children have ever had an antibiotic. I believe they are far over-rated and more often than not will contribute to the breakdown of the natural body functions for healing. Antibiotics kill all bacteria. Since our bodies have good bacteria that help kill the bad bacteria, eliminating all bacteria is risky. It may execute the bad bacteria for the moment but will leave the body without defense for the next bad bacteria that comes along. If you feel you must give an antibiotic for some reason, please consider supplementing with acidophilus or plain yogurt to boost the natural good bacterial flora that helps kill the bad bacteria. Again, in fifteen years, I have never administered antibiotics to my children, my husband, or myself.

We try not to make a big deal out of minor bumps and bruises. I am not much for babying the child, although I do kiss the booboos of the little girls. I let them know that I am sorry that they got hurt, but assure them that God made their body to heal and it won’t be long and they will be playing and forget about it. If they are cut and the blood might get on something, I give a band-aid, but I never put anything else on it. Again, the blood is what is cleaning and purifying the cut. There is no need for ointment that actually might hold bacteria next to the opening. If the cut is dirty, I wash it out with water and pat it dry. Then I give the body time to heal it.

Most of my children have been to the emergency room only–and that only if something is broken or cut very deeply. Ezra and Moriah have never been to the doctor; Matthan only once for a broken leg and when he was born we transferred in; Josh once for stitches; Sam twice, once for stitches and once when his teeth were knocked out; Caleb once for stitches; Chloe once for stitches; Phoebe once for a broken bone. I say all of this to emphasize two things: First, it is not that we do not believe in doctors or are against the medical profession, in fact, we welcome their assistance for certain things, just not for everything. And secondly, that in fifteen years, with 8 children we have been to the doctor 8 times. That is all that has been necessary.

Many of these ideas have come from one of my favorite books on child care, How to Raise a Healthy Child…in Spite of Your Doctor by Robert S. Mendelsohn, MD. This is a book I recommend reading cover to cover. I have been in situations where I have had to rely on my memory of what to do in a situation and it has been good to have the contents of this book stored away in my brain for later retrieval.

For now, this is it. If you have questions about specifics, feel free to call. Remember, God has given you all that you need to care for your children. My ways may not be the best for you, but they are tried and true for the Cowart’s.

Warm regards,

Mama Amy



  1. I have a friend with an autistic child. He is unable to communicate with his parents with words. The parents are concerned about possible yeast build up in his system and could use some advise on home remedies. Can you help?

  2. Leane:

    There are some great articles about autism and natural remedies in this Mothering Magazine issue. I think it would be worth purchasing the back issue for $4.50

    (issue #100 May/June 2000)

    A remedy that I know is great for adults trying to get rid of candida (yeast) is:
    White Oak bark tea. You can get white oak bark at an herb store, make tea out of it and drink 2oz per meal for 30 days. You may check with the herb store where you buy it to make sure that it is ok for kids.

    Here are a few articles that talk about autism and diet:

    You can also google “diet for autism”
    Mainly these diets include eliminating gluten and casein from the diet…Whole Foods sells lots of gluten-free products these days…

    Here’s an article that I wrote a while back about healing…it includes info on yeast or candida. Keep in mind that this is geared toward an adult that needs to heal, but it would give an idea of what would be important for getting rid of candida.

    Diet for Healing***

    This handout was created so that those who are truly interested in taking responsibility for the healing of their bodies of infection or disease may have a guideline. It is difficult to embark on a new way of eating when one is used to eating fast-food, junk food, processed foods and the typical American diet. Propaganda tells us that the Standard American Diet is a fine way to live and it will improve your life because it satisfies a short-term desire for something quick and tasty to eat. Convenience at any cost is the most important thing. Yet, it is becoming more and more evident that the food that we consume does have and effect on our well being and the chemicals, pesticides, and other processing agents that are used by the corporations that make these convenient foods are doing much more harm than anyone thought possible. The following outlines a three-part guide to nutritional healing of the body: the juice cleanse, the 21 day diet, and the continued healing and maintenance diet. It is by experience and observation of other’s experiences that this diet was formulated. It is this nutritional advisors best suggestion for the healing of infection or disease. As you prayerfully consider the suggestions offered herein, you ultimately must choose to be healthy. It takes work, determination, and commitment. During this time it is suggested that you surround yourself with those that are supportive, committed, and will hold you accountable. The more strictly you hold to the diet, the more quick and thorough the healing. Here’s to your health!

    I. BEGIN with a juice cleanse including carrot, apple and barley green juices at alternating times throughout the day, drinking juice every hour of the day to keep energy up. Also drink distilled water, not tap water, as much as possible. In order to cleanse the body completely of toxins that impair the healing process it is suggested to use enimas or colonics to empty the colon. This should be done for a minimum of 3 days but preferably for a week if it is at all possible.
    Following the cleansing it is important to begin reparation and healing of the tissues in the body and building of the immune system to be able to fight off the infection or disease.
    !!!Please be aware that during the cleansing process your body will eliminate toxins in all manner of forms. The most common form is felt by mild to severe headaches. It can be felt as sluggishness, depression, rashes etc. Any unusual symptoms can be felt at this time. Please do not let these symptoms discourage you, but on the contrary view them as your body doing exactly what you want it to do. ELIMINATE THE JUNK IN YOUR SYSTEM! If you need encouragement at this time please feel free to call your nutritional advisor.

    II. For two to three weeks following the cleanse, remain strict with the following diet:
    EAT: 80% live (raw) organic foods and 20% cooked organic grains, beans and vegetables. In the 80% group, include raw vegetables and salads, veggie juices, and fruit**.In the 20% group, include brown rice, spelt, amaranth and other grains (use whole wheat sparingly) and all kinds of beans, legumes, veggies and soy alternatives.
    **If you suspect candida albicans (yeast infection) in your system please limit your fruit intake to apples and bananas sparingly.
    Drink distilled water and herbal teas made with distilled water often.
    Following the three weeks, you may add some goodies like eggs, Sheltons turkey products and Buddy’s chicken, or some other brand of clean, hormone-free meats. Butter is o.k. as a condiment and nut butters may be added after the initial 2-3 weeks.
    THE NO-NO’S: (for reasons why each of the following items should be avoided, consult any reputable health resource or discuss with the nutritional advisor)
    DAIRY (after the 3 weeks it is believed that plain yogurt is the one dairy product whose positives out-weigh its negatives)
    MEAT (see above)
    If you are following a yeast-free diet, you must also eliminate FRUIT with the exceptions outlined above.
    If you are following a yeast-free diet, obviously you must eliminate YEASTED BREADS from your diet as well.
    And it should go without saying that ANY SUBSTANCE THAT IS KNOWN TO BE HARMFUL such as cigarettes, alcohol, etc. should be completely avoided.
    It is suggested that the following supplements should be added:
    Acidophilus (Acidolphilus should be the refridgerated kind)
    Vita C (powder) $12.00 for several month’s supply
    Udo’s Oil/ or some kind of Omega 3 fish oil tablets
    Barley Green (an AIM product) ~ $36.00 for ~ 1 month’s supply
    Supermom tablets through

    SUGGESTED DIET: (following fast and continuing for two to three weeks)
    BREAKFAST: 1Tablespoon (Tbls) Barley Green with ½ teas. of Vita-C powder.
    Wait 20-30 minutes.
    Carrot juice with 1 Tbls. Udo’s Oil and ½ teas. Acidophilos with apple and or banana.

    LUNCH: 1 Tbls. Barley Green and C as above.
    Wait 20-30 min.
    Large Salad with 1000 Island dressing (recipe included) or lemon and Braggs.

    MID-AFTERNOON SNACK: Carrot juice with Udo’s and Acidoph. as above and apple or bannana.

    DINNER: 1 Tbls. Barley Green and C as above.
    Wait 20-30 min.
    A large salad with a nutritious, organic meal with veggies, grains, and beans. (See Menu Ideas)
    BEDTIME SNACK: (if necessary) A piece of fruit or a bowl of cereal with raisins and rice milk.
    PRODUCT ALTERNATIVES: The following is a list of products that have been “tried and tested” are the preference in flavor and value for healthful alternatives to common foods in the SAD (Standard American Diet).
    Enriched Rice Milk
    Cereal- Nature’s Path Heritage Flake (great with addition of organic raisins and rice milk)
    Cheese alternatives- Soya Kaas cheeses including cheddar, mozz., jalapeno jack, and plain or herb garlic cream cheese
    Yogurt- Brown Cow, Alta Dena, Stoneyfield Farms Plain yogurt
    Yeast-free Bread-French Meadow Summer Bread
    Soy Burger-Lightlife Light Burgers
    Tofu- Whitewave Baked Italian Tofu
    Canned organic tomato products-Muir Glen variety of tomato sauce, pasta sauce, salsas, catsup, etc.
    Soup bases- Imagine No-Chicken Broth, Shelton or Health Valley Chicken Broth
    Condiments- Bragg’s Liquid Aminos as a soy sauce, Nasoya Soy Mayonaise
    Yeast-free tortillas- Chapatis
    Sausage- Shelton’s Turkey Breakfast Sausage, Italian Turkey Sausage
    Sweetener- Stevia root in liquid or powder form. Just a drop or two will do
    Flour and baking products- Arrowhead Mills pancake mix or flours
    There are many other alternatives to the SAD, if you have a question, please feel free to ask your nutritional advisor.
    III. After the juice cleanse and the three weeks of strict adherence to the diet outlined above, you will surely feel a noticeable, positive difference. You are encouraged to remain on the diet as long as you can make yourself do it and your budget will allow. Many people, after going through those difficult weeks decide that since they feel better they must be better and can go back to the SAD diet, only to find themselves in ill health, a few months or years later. Find a balance that is sustainable for you and your family. Add a bit of clean meats now and again, or make yourself a healthy dessert. But remain diligent to make healthy eating a normal part of your life. It’s worth the energy!
    MENU IDEAS: When you need a good meal that tastes good enough to satisfy your adjusting taste buds here are some menu ideas. Light Burger patty melts with sauteed onions and mushrooms, and soy cheese on Summer bread or Spelt buns. Baked or oven-fried sweet potatoes.
    Quinoa Elbow pasta with a sauce of rice milk-thinned garlic herb soy cream cheese with sauteed yellow and red bell peppers and mushrooms. Toasted Summer bread with garlic butter.
    Brown rice smothered with sauteed or steamed oriental veggies with Teriaki baked Tofu and sprinkled with Bragg’s.
    Veggie-bean or lentil soup made with the No-Chicken broth base. Cook up some Johnny cakes sweetened with Stevia.
    Whole grain organic pancakes topped with applesauce or plain yogurt (sweetened with stevia and vanilla) and bananas. Add a side of Shelton’s Turkey Breakfast Sausage patties.
    Black bean and brown rice burritos on Chapati with sides of salsa and guacamole with organic tortilla chips.
    Organic oatmeal with raisin, cinnamon and rice milk with a side of toasted Summer bread with all-fruit spread.
    Migas Rancheros- eggs scrambled with sauteed mushrooms, tomatoes, peppers and onions, grated soy cheddar and cut-up corn tortillas. Add a side of Shelton’s breakfast links.
    Homemade pizza crust or French Meadow Spelt Pizza crust topped with Muir Glen pasta sauce, then soy Mozzarella, then sauteed veggies. Or you can steam, drain and squeeze excess water out of spinach, chop and top a pizza crust topped with melted and thinned garlic-herb soy cream cheese and soy Mozzarella.
    1000 Island dressing recipe:
    24 oz. NaSoya Soy mayonnaise
    1 Tbls. mustard
    2 Tbls. relish
    4 Tbls. Catsup
    ½ c. oil (Udo’s, or olive)
    1 ½ teas. garlic powder
    ½ teas. pepper
    ½ teas. salt
    1 teas. chili powder
    thin with rice milk or water

    A Cancer Battle Plan, by Anne E. Frauhm with David J. Frauhm, Pinon Press, CO, 1992 Health Quarters MinistriesP.O. Box 62130, Colorado Springs, CO 80962-2130, 719-593-8694
    Books by Dr. George H. Malkmus:
    Why Christians Get Sick, God’ Way to Ultimate Health, Twenty One Days to Health, ed. Chet Day, Hallelujah Acres, P.O. Box 2388, Shelby, NC 28151, 704-481-1700,
    Prescription for Nutritional Healing, by James F. Balch, M. D. and Phyllis A. Balch, C.N.C., Avery Publishing Group, Garden City Park, New York, 2nd ed., 1997
    There are numerous other books available on nutritional healing and many testimonies of successful healing due to nutritional changes. Although it is exciting to share information and personal experience, you are encouraged to do your own research and take responsibility for your health.
    ***Medical Disclaimer: We support everyone’s right to learn all they can about their own health care. The personal suggestions and information about diet, herbs, medicines and so on contained in this hand-out are for your consideration as a responsible individual and do not constitute professional medical advice. Before embarking on any major lifestyle or medical change, we suggest you check it out with a trusted medical advisor. Please read all labels and learn for yourself about the products you choose.

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