Posted by: mamaamy | March 13, 2008

Conversation About Training Brains

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I have to brag on my “buckwheatie” bars that are in my freezer…yum! When I was dehydrating the buckwheat, I came up with an idea…my oven smells like gas if I just leave the pilot lights lit with no burners on so I turned off the gas and put a tea light in where the pilot light is. Then I had my buckwheat in the oven part and it did the trick! Hopefully that’s not dangerous or something with the gas being off 🙂 Yesterday, I had about a 20 minute long training session with E that had me feeling bad until I saw the good results. She was not letting me change her diaper without a lot of work so I told her to lay still and she didn’t and then I pinched her leg and she started crying…well, usually she will get to a point where she cries quietly with a couple of pinches, but she was mad and was just yelling. The pinching wasn’t working so I got the switch. I kept telling her in a calm voice to cry quietly and then she’d yell and I’d switch her. She finally she stopped. Then for the rest of the day she was a wonderful child! During the whole ordeal though, I kept having doubts that perhaps I’m being too hard on her! Anyway, I finished the thing through and E was happy all evening long and her attitude was MUCH improved. If I didn’t have friends in my life that have shown me that this really is the way to do it and it’s not mean or crazy, then I am pretty sure I would not be able to do it. I would give into what the world thinks and never want to upset my beautiful little baby – who is smiling at me on the bed right now. I love it when they first wake up! Better go for now – hope you have a great day!


Hey girl,

I have been out of commission for the past couple days, as I got “the bug” and was very sick for the couple of days.

It has been great to hear from you and how things are going. I am so proud of the good work you are doing with E and with the food! Terrific job! The Buckwheatie bars sound great and I like the idea of the tea light. It seems that it should be safe as long as the gas is completely off. It is pretty much the same as a pilot light I would think.

In your work with E, I am very impressed. Keep in mind that as long as you are speaking in a normal, calm voice, and that you are giving a sting of minor pain, then you are training and not being in the least bit violent. It should be enough pain as she would get if she quickly touched a hot stove and got a minor burn–this would tell her brain to stay away from the hot stove from then on. The same thing would happen if she got bit by an ant. It would program her brain to stay away from ants. This is what you are doing: Training her brain that disobedience brings sadness–everytime. If you do not train her to obey your every word then it could really bring sadness if she ran in front of a car when you said to “stop!” or any other much more serious scenario that you could come up with. You can see that if you train obedience in the very little things, then you don’t have to worry about major things coming up later. Look at Matthan. He is well trained, and as such, I do not fear these teenage years at all. He has wisdom, he obeys our word, and he totally trusts that we have his best interest in mind.

Just as a reminder, the goal is that you would never have to “switch” or pinch or any other training method again. The goal is that they use their self control or their self discipline. If they don’t, then you have to control them or discipline them. You are training their will to align with your will. They are too young and selfish to do this on their own now, so you must help them for a time. Eventually they will control themselves, but this must be trained behavior. Just like any animal that becomes useful when trained properly, how much more wonderful is it to have a child that is secure, knows what is expected, behaves appropriately, and uses his self-control in every situation. This is the result of the difficult, yet truly valuable training that you are involved in every day right now. It won’t always be this intense. It really does pay off and you will reap what you have sown for the rest of your life. Hang tough! You are doing great!

Here are the recipes that you asked for:

Granola (I double or triple this for my family)
4 cups rolled or quick oats ( I use organic from bulk section of Whole Foods)
1/2 cup olive oil or coconut oil
1/4 cup water
1/2 cup honey, maple syrup, or brown sugar
2 teas. of cinnamon
1 teas. of vanilla

Mix all together.

For quick but non-living granola, place in a 300 degree oven for 10 min. stir, then 10 min more. (stir and do 10 more minutes if it is not quite dry)

If you want to keep it with the live enzymes, then dehydrate or dry it over night or until dried out.


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