Posted by: mamaamy | October 30, 2007

Beginning the new season

It is our understanding that “Fatherlessness” is the biggest plague in the world today. When you read related statistics in the news you will learn that nearly 70% of African Americans are raised in fatherless homes. Recently we have learned about the fatherless children in Darfur and the “Lost boys of Sudan” (watch the movie God Grew Tired of Us.) Increasing gang membership speaks to the fatherlessness of adolescent males. Consider that in most divorces the women/mother gets custody of the children, leaving the children fatherless. I would go so far to say that most of the crime, dysfunctional relationships, and behavioral problems in our western society is the result of “fatherlessness.”

The well known books by John Eldridge, Wild at Heart and The Way of The Wild Heart, speak to the issue of “fatherlessness” among men (even Christian men). In these books the author recognizes that while physically we all have fathers, for many of us, our fathers were absent emotionally, and spiritually. For some, our fathers even hurt our emotional and spiritual development.

Recently, God has spoken through His prophets about the issue of “fatherlessness.” We understand that the Church is entering a “new season” and that God intends to use His Body, His Heirs to address this need in the world. The “fatherless” in the world will be drawn to “the Spirit of the Father” in His Body.

Some of you may recognize that God has called Amy & me to “Fathering/Parenting” (the 8 kids may have been the clue.) Fathering/Parenting is our passion and has been since we were young. Very recently, we have been encouraged to stop waiting for something to happen and to pursue what God has inspired us to do. Specifically, it is our intention to facilitate dialog and nurture understanding around the subject of fathering/parenting. This would include practical application.

To this end we are planning to hold regular meetings with those that God has connected us to. “How are you planning to do that?” those of you in Virginia, Texas and Arizona or Oregon might be asking. These meetings will be held in real-time over the internet through a website called I use this technology for work and see that we could make use of it for “virtual fellowship meetings.”

Currently my vision is that these meetings be limited to one hour in length and that we supplement the online meetings with blog or chat or email or all of these. As bizarre as this proposal is for me (remember I’m the one who thought that we should all embrace the “no-tech” Amish life model) I do see some advantages.

  • No scurrying around to make it to the meeting on time
  • No traffic to fight
  • No fashionable clothing/hair/makeup required (at least until we all get those cool cameras for our computers so we can video conference Jetson’s style)
  • Kid friendly (put the kids to bed…at home rather than at somebody else’s house)
  • Multi-Task (eat dinner while you participate in the meeting)
  • Save Money (no gas or plane tickets to buy…this one’s for Rick)

Additionally, the online meetings can be recorded and saved and played back later for those that can’t attend the live meeting or want to review it or share it later. And much, much more! We would like to begin right away. So…

This first meeting will be sort of an orientation/vision session. From there…we have some plans, but will follow the Spirit’s leading.We look forward to fellowship with all of our friends.

Warm Regards,



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